23 November, 2023

The Candi that sweetens up Esk

Local Esk singer/songwriter Candi Ingold, aka Candi K, has joined the line-up of the 2024 Camp & Jam Festival, with duo partner Chris, aka CV Music.

Local Esk singer/songwriter Candi Ingold, aka Candi K.
Local Esk singer/songwriter Candi Ingold, aka Candi K.

This announcement comes after Candi was flooded with kind messages and praise on the Somerset Community Facebook page.

Described as “a beautiful ray of sunshine”, “a very special soul” and “a loving and uplifting spirit”, the recent mother of two has made a significant impact on the community, despite only living there two years.

Multiple people have named her as a person worthy of acknowledgment in the small community, bringing tears to Candi’s eyes.

“I’m truly honoured people are praising me so much, when there are so many individuals who actually change lives,” Candi said.

“All I do is try to be kind and help others, which just makes me a tiny part in such a compassionate, selfless and giving community.”

The applause was not only given to her “positivity and kindness”, but also to her singing talent.

Having been on a stage for the first time in kindy and having her first paid gig at age 13, the blonde beauty started her career early and never stopped.

With lyrics and song-writing being her favourite part of the artistic process, they are often emotionally written based on her life experiences.

“Music is and has always been an expression and way to communicate for me,” Candi said.

Having only returned to performing music recently due to covid, Candi has been singing mostly to smaller crowds, but is excited to take the stage with her duo band, Brief Divide, at the 2024 Camp & Jam Festival.

“I enjoy both crowd types. Small and intimate crowds I have a chance to be more emotional and focus on the lyrics, while big crowds are more elating and I have fun hyping them up,” the singer said.

“That’s what I want us to do at the festival: create an atmosphere for everyone to vibe, sing along and have fun.”

On top of her music career, Candi also keeps busy as a music teacher, beauty therapist and mother of two daughters.

She says life as a mother has influenced her music, by pushing her to believe in herself more, so she models what she preaches to her girls and students.

“I thought I would be their biggest teacher, but they have actually taught me the most,” Candi said.

She credits her “amazing, hands-on husband”, Jacob, her father and the Esk community for being able to succeed in her various roles and make a living doing something she loves.

Candi performs solo regularly at the Brisbane Valley Roasters, as well as the Grand Hotel Esk.


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