21 June, 2024

The ruff side of disability

Moreton Bay resident Janice Whittle is legally blind, suffering from Battered Wife Syndrome, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Acquired Brain Injury, and Epilepsy.

Janice Whittle shares her experience having a Guide Dog in new book.
Janice Whittle shares her experience having a Guide Dog in new book.

Yet, she consistently demonstrates the power of the human spirit to rise and overcome adversity.

Janice’s latest book is a powerful exposé on the societal discrimination and ignorance that individuals with a guide dog often face.

Her aim is to spark conversations, provoke thought, and foster understanding about the daily challenges these individuals endure. Janice, a passionate advocate for change, shares her personal struggle.

She recalls a time when she could enter a café without a second thought. Now, she lives in constant fear of being denied entry.

Her book is a rallying cry, a firm declaration that enough is enough.

Between the pages of this book, readers are given a rare insight into how rife discrimination against guide dogs is within our society, even though there are laws and legislation in place that protect the rights of guide dogs and their handlers.

The launch of “Changing Perceptions, One Guided Step at a Time” will be held at My Oh My Cafe, Brendale, at 3pm on Friday June 28, and Muller Bros, Toowoomba, at 11.30am on Friday July 5.

Tickets are $20 each (includes the book). Launch details are here: https://


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