17 January, 2024

‘Toys Boys’ help those in need

A large gathering of members and guests flocked to the Burpengary and District Men’s Shed on Thursday, December 14 for the men’s shed’s annual Christmas toy giveaway.

By Liam Hauser

Ross White, Terry Allen, Bob Halliday, John Thompson, Roy Sharpe and Sam White (front).
Ross White, Terry Allen, Bob Halliday, John Thompson, Roy Sharpe and Sam White (front).

Boxes of handcrafted wooden toys were loaded into vehicles for transportation to Bravehearts Australia and the Queensland Police Legacy Scheme, as proceeds went to these services.

Attendees also enjoyed morning tea, courtesy of the Queensland Country Women’s Association (QCWA) Burpengary Green Wattles.

Having run since 2017, the Christmas toy giveaway has previously supported Ronald McDonald House, chaplains, Caboolture Domestic Violence, and Legacy Australia.

Known as the ‘Toy Boys’, up to eight members of the Burpengary and District Men’s Shed spent at least a couple of days each week constructing the wooden items throughout the year.

The range of items was greater in quantity and more diverse than in previous years, as items included billy carts, Batmobiles, rocking horses, small graders, wheelbarrows, train sets, kitchen sinks, snakes, baby cars, fuel tankers, hair stands, wing planes, fire engines and dollhouses.

Queensland Police Legacy Scheme secretary-manager Andrew Gough said the work of the Burpengary and District Men’s Shed was another example of community members supporting Queensland Police families that need support.

Andrew said it wasn’t just a matter of donating toys, but the mindset of helping out.

“No matter what’s in the news or how bad the world is, a lot of Australians want to help out where there’s a need,” he said.

“We’re very happy to be chosen as a recipient.”

Bravehearts counsellor Keah Wheeler said the quality of the toys was amazing, in addition to the level of detail, time and energy that went into making the items.

Keah said the toys were also “an amazing therapeutic tool”.

Burpengary and District Men’s Shed president Rodney Hansen said dollhouses went to the Narangba Community Aged Care facility, as items were distributed to a mix of schools and aged care homes.

Rodney also spoke favourably of a group of youngsters who learned woodwork in the meantime.

“The interesting thing is at schools we see 10-yearolds who are supposedly the troubled ones,” he said.

“It’s easy for us to expect the worst (from them) but when they see the wood, glue and Stanley screwdrivers, it changes their attitude.

“They’re keen to learn to construct things.”

Andrew Gough and Keah Wheeler.
Andrew Gough and Keah Wheeler.

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