10 May, 2024

Tullawong High School gets new learning space

Tullawong State High School has been announced as one of 34 Queensland schools receiving a new FlexiSpace.

FlexiSpaces are a place in a school where students who are facing challenges in a normal schooling environment can be supported to stay engaged, while still being able to stay at school with their friends and eventually getting back into their mainstream class.

Member for Morayfield, Mark Ryan, said this will deliver more options to keep kids engaged at school, improving in their life outcomes.

“We all know that disengagement from the education system can lead to greater challenges for young people, families, and the community, and this investment in new FlexiSpaces will give our teachers and education staff more of the tools they need to keep kids engaged.

“The school leaders, teachers and staff at Tullawong State High already do an amazing job, and this will be another resource and option for them to keep delivering for local students.”

FlexiSpaces are not only about supporting students. They are a recognition that those students can often be quite challenging for teachers.

Taking them out of the mainstream classroom allows teachers to cater to all students more effectively.

Disengagement from school at age seven is the greatest predictor of youth off ending later in life.

Not all students who are disengaged from school are in the youth justice system, but every child in the youth justice system is disengaged from school.

These spaces are inclusive, high-quality built environments, with high-impact teaching and learning, staffed with teachers who maintain academic standards, access to the Australian Curriculum, and high expectations, while providing flexible and individualised support.

Minister Di Farmer has emphasised the value of these spaces.

“They allow the participating students to remain close to their school friends, maintain a regular school routine, continue to be a part of their school community and continue their schooling with an uninterrupted curriculum.

“The children will be able to maintain connection with the rest of the school, they will attend classes with their peers, whole-of-school activities and routines, while receiving the support they need to thrive.”

This $45 million addition to 34 Queensland schools is part of the Federal Government’s $288 million Youth Engagement Education Reform package, aimed at supporting at-risk students to stay at school or access alternative learning.


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