24 October, 2023

Unique award win for Wamuran Lion

Howard Walters has gone down in history as the first Lions Club of Wamuran member to receive the distinguished James D. Richardson Award.

Award-winning Lions Club of Wamuran member Howard Walters (middle) with club president Sue Clement and district governor Graeme Emery.
Award-winning Lions Club of Wamuran member Howard Walters (middle) with club president Sue Clement and district governor Graeme Emery.

Howard received the award at the Lions Club of Wamuran’s October general meeting, which took place on the night of Thursday October 12 with Immediate Past District Governor, Graeme Emery, in attendance.

The award is bestowed on those who have given outstanding service to Lions and their community, while the award can be presented at any time of the year.

A trailblazer, James D. Richardson was the first Australian to serve on the International Board of Directors back in 1958.

Howard was shocked to receive the award and said it was an honour to receive it.

The recognition for Howard came just over a year after the Wamuran recreation area was named after him and his late wife Jenny, while a street had been named after them a few years beforehand.

Howard and Jenny were informally known by many community members as ‘The Mayor and Mayoress of Wamuran’, after they moved to the area in the late 1990s following many years in New South Wales.

After the naming of the recreation area, Howard had said he was humbled by the honour while it was in his nature to “give to the community”.

Howard has held executive roles for the Lions Club of Wamuran since chartering, having been the president and treasurer before holding his current position of vice-president. He has also taken an active role in the Sports Hall management committee.

Howard’s involvement with the Lions Club of Wamuran has also featured being an advocate for some heartfelt projects, including the fight against childhood cancer and the families in the midst of a cancer journey.

Lions Club of Wamuran president Sue Clement congratulated Howard on the award, with Sue describing him as “a long-standing integral member of the Wamuran community”.

“His history within the community is acknowledged by everyone,” she said.

“Howard was instrumental in the functioning of the Wamuran Sports Club and its community and monetary success.

“His heart is in this community which he loves.

“Once the club folded there was a loss within the area.

“Howard stepped up with other like-minded community members and became a charter member of the Lions Club of Wamuran.

“He has held board member positions including president, treasurer and vice-president.

“In recognition of his leadership and dedication to Lions he has been given this prestigious award.”


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