25 November, 2023

Upgraded Marburg radar live

Images from the upgraded Brisbane (Marburg) weather radar in south-east Queensland are now live on the Bureau of Meteorology’s website and the BOM Weather app.

Upgraded Marburg radar live - feature photo

The new dual-polarised Doppler radar is a tool for observing rainfall and wind conditions in real time across large areas.

Bureau Chief Customer Officer, Dr Peter Stone, said the Marburg weather radar will provide better image resolution, better visibility of weather systems and less image interference.

“It will improve the image resolution between rain and hail, and it will show higher quality images during intense rain and storms,” Dr Stone said.

“At the Bureau, we use radars to monitor storms, including movement and severity, when issuing severe storm warnings.

Any improvements to radars, especially in areas susceptible to severe storms like south-east Queensland, helps us issue warnings and keep the public informed and safe.”


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