9 September, 2022

Urban Utilities calls on Somerset community to talk water

Urban Utilities is encouraging the Somerset community to learn more about the future of water in South East Queensland by joining its new online community hub, WaterTalk.

Urban Utilities’ Community Experience Manager Colette Torrance
Urban Utilities’ Community Experience Manager Colette Torrance

The utility, which supplies water to more than 1.6 million people in the South East, launched the online forum for customers to have their say and stay updated on important topics, projects, plans and services. 

Urban Utilities’ Community Experience Manager Colette Torrance said a key focus of the WaterTalk hub was to support a discussion with the community about water security in our region.

“While we’re currently no longer in drought, our water supplies are under pressure from climate change and population growth, so now is the time to talk about water,” she said.

“Dams will continue to be a major source of water in the future, but we also need a diverse mix of climate-independent water sources, such as desalination and purified recycled water, to secure supply for years to come.

“Water security means having enough water, whatever the weather, and we’re on a mission to help everyone understand what this involves and what role we all have to play in shaping a liveable, healthy and sustainable future for our region to protect future generations.”

Ms Torrance said, as well as having their say on water security, customers could also share their ideas and find out more about water network upgrades, future plans for essential services, green infrastructure solutions, resource recovery and more, on the WaterTalk hub.

“WaterTalk is a place where our communities can engage with us and each other – it offers many ways to help shape the future of our services or tell us what matters most to you,” she said.

“You can stay updated on projects and plans, have your say on discussion forums and community panels, give feedback using maps, polls and surveys, and register for online and in-person events.”

Join the conversation at   

urban-utilities—watertalk-hub.png qr-code-with-a-link-to-urban-utilities—watertalk-hub.png

Scan the above QR code to access Urban Utilities’ WaterTalk hub.


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