20 April, 2024

$16M funds towards reducing bills

The Miles Government has allocated an additional $6 million to expand the Battery Booster program, aiming to help more Queensland households reduce their power bills.

$16M funds towards reducing bills - feature photo

Originally set at $10 million, the program’s funds now total $16 million due to its popularity.

Approximately 1,000 more households will benefit, with rebates ranging from $3,000 to $4,000 for approved solar battery systems.

Queenslanders who took up the offer will save more than $7 million off their power bills each year, Eligibility is based on means testing, with lower-income households receiving the highest rebates.

Over 1,400 households have already been conditionally approved, with a significant portion from low-income backgrounds.

Additionally, the Climate Smart Energy Savers program, which provided cash back on energy-efficient appliances, has benefited over 72,700 households, particularly low-income ones.

These initiatives aim to reduce household bills and greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with Queensland’s emission reduction goals.


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