27 February, 2024

$41 million grant to cut energy bills

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) can now apply for grants to help reduce energy bills. The grants between $10,000 and $25,000 can be used to upgrade to more efficient equipment, including replacing air conditioners with high efficiency units or gas heating boilers with heat pumps, helping SMEs lower power bills and emissions.

The Federal government is providing grants to upgrade to more efficient air conditioners.
The Federal government is providing grants to upgrade to more efficient air conditioners.

These grants are part of the Albanese Government’s commitment to ease pressures on Australian businesses, by putting downward pressure on energy bills through the $62 million Energy Efficiency Grants for SMEs program.

The first round of the program last year saw $15.5 million awarded to 674 businesses for energy savings from upgrades to pool covers, heat pumps, air conditioners, as well as more efficient hot water pumps and compressed air improvements.

Minister for Small Business, Julie Collins, said the Labor Government was delivering for small businesses, helping to improve their long-term resilience.

“I encourage small businesses to read the Grant Opportunity Guidelines to check if they are eligible for this new support,” she said.

Assistant Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Jenny McAllister, said the grants would improve the bottom line of small businesses and lower emissions.

“Investing in energy efficiency can save on energy costs, taking the pressure off small businesses and allowing them to reinvest savings to their business.

“Upgrades to appliances like freezers or air conditioners not only saves on bills, but also contributes to Australia’s emissions reduction targets.”

Federal Member for Blair, Shayne Neumann, said the new second round of Energy Efficiency Grants for SMEs program would help local businesses use less energy and improve their competitiveness, while reducing their carbon footprint.

“We know that many SMEs report that electricity is one of their biggest overheads, so improvements in energy efficiency can ease pressure on energy bills for these businesses and drive better energy performance across the economy.

“Many local businesses tell me they want to do the right thing by reducing their carbon footprint and increasing their energy efficiency, and the Albanese Government wants to support them to do this.

“This funding could help a local meat processor to replace a costly gas boiler with an efficient electric heat pump, or help a commercial building change to efficient air conditioners and smarter management.”

Applications open today (Wednesday) and close on April 8.

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