15 February, 2023

Vintage Motor Bike Show comes to Kilcoy

More than 60 motorbikes are expected to be on display as a Vintage Motor Bike Show takes place from 10am at the Kilcoy Exchange Hotel this Saturday.

Vintage Motor Bike Show comes to Kilcoy - feature photo

The event came about as the Kilcoy Exchange Hotel invited the Historical Motorcycle Club Queensland (HMCCQ) to stage a bike display, after the HMCCQ put on a bike display as part of Ipswich’s Galvanised heritage festival.

HMCCQ members meet in various places around the state to pursue the passion of restoring, riding and enjoying old motor bikes, as eligible bikes must be more than 30 years old.

HMCCQ vice-president Doug Jolliffe said, “Areas hold regular events which include static bike displays where the public is welcome to look at older bikes and often engage with the owner, and this is just what is going to happen in Kilcoy on Saturday.

“Many of the expected 50+ bikes will ride in from areas such as Sunshine Coast, Kingaroy, Pine Rivers, Toowoomba, Ipswich and Brisbane.

“Some older bikes may be trailered to site.

“Expect to see bikes from all these time frames including a few in excess of 100 years old.”

The HMCCQ categorises bikes according to age. This ranges from Veterans (pre-1919) through Vintage (up to 1931), and then Post Vintage which is up to the end of World War II, followed by Post War (to 1960) and then 10-year historic classes for the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

“The bikes will be displayed for the enjoyment of the public and, with the bike owners present, we expect a lot of interaction from the viewing public,” Doug said.

“Quite often the conversation starts with ‘my dad, grandpa, uncle had one of those’.

“It is always pleasing to see old memories brought to light.”

Lunch is available from 11.30am, and a live band will be on show from 8.30pm.


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