26 January, 2024

Woodford Park upgrade

Tilney Park Woodford is set for some nice, new additions, after being upgraded to a District Level Park.

Woodford Park upgrade - feature photo

With improvement plans first announced in 2022, work on the new pump track and additional junior playground are set to start in the beginning of May.

Other perks that come along with the ‘district’ title include the addition of public restrooms, additional picnic shelters and tables, BBQ facilities, footpath alignment and improvement, and a nature play area.

Councillor Tony Latter, who pushed for the promotion of the park to be on a district level, told The Sentinel he is excited to see the Tilney Park updates happen, given the many enquiries from local residents to have a more accessible, higher-level park.

“We are seeing more investment into the Woodford area, to make sure that the services people expect are available in our rural communities,” Cr Latter said.

One of the reasons Cr Latter has pushed so hard on this upgrade is due to the lack of investment he sees in rural parks.

“In my view our rural parks are lacking enough investment to keep up with what our community and families are after. I have worked hard to catch up and see substantial investment into our parks right across division 12,” Cr Latter said.

“With the addition of a pump track and new junior playground this will make this park a destination for all ages and give something for all members of the families to do, nice and close to the centre of town.”

The new pump track will be different from the existing BMX and skate park on Archer Street, as it caters especially to beginner riders, whereas the facilities on Archer Street are suitable for more experienced riders.

This means Tilney Park will make it easier for beginners to safely develop their skills and gain confidence.

Additionally, the new pump track will also provide an alternative during the rainy season, as the Archer Park facilities are prone to flooding.


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