31 May, 2023

Woodford ready to rock this Saturday

Dancing In The Cool is set to rock the Woodford Memorial Hall this Saturday night, which will also feature a mega cash raffle.

Woodford ready to rock this Saturday - feature photo

With bookings to date it is expected the hall will be packed with more attendees than last year’s inaugural event, which featured a crowd of over 200.

Musician and former Woodford boy Toby Tyler (Peter McSweeney) will again be the centre of attention along with his backing band The Country Boys – similar to last year.

The band catered for old time music, line dancing, rock and roll, partner dances and swing dances last time, with more of the same on the agenda this time.

Also like last year, the Woodford Lions Club will organise the event with support from Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Meanwhile, the $25,000 mega cash raffle will be drawn at 8.30pm.

Ticket enquiries for Dancing In The Cool can still be made on 0427 073 172, although limited spots are available.


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