24 May, 2023

Woodford resident turns 100

May 8 was a special day for Woodford Manor Aged Care resident Hilary Lexcy Kelshaw (pictured) as she marked her 100th birthday.

Woodford resident turns 100 - feature photo

Woodford Manor has been Hilary’s home for eight years, and she said she was very happy there.

Hilary enjoys reading, writing letters and keeping in touch with the world news.

The Woodford Manor resident had two wonderful celebration lunches with her family; one at Secrets on the Lake in Montville, and the other at Woodford Gardens Cafe.

Additionally, Woodford Manor lifestyle co-ordinator Lee-ann Swan organised a surprise morning tea in the home’s café, for Hilary to enjoy with friends and staff.

Hilary said she was overwhelmed, and “bewildered by all the attention and so much love and care that was given” to her at each birthday gathering.

Hilary wore a tiara made by family member Kelsey, with ‘100’ on it.

“So many people I didn’t know, stopped and congratulated me when they saw it,” Hilary said.

“I was amazed!”

Lee-ann said Hilary loved to attend pampering each week as she loved a glass of wine with movie afternoon or watching documentaries.

“She is still quite mobile and enjoying life,” Lee-ann said.

“We all love Hilary and the residents as well.”

Born in the Sydney suburb of Drummoyne, Hilary was one of three children while their mum stayed at home to look after them, as their dad was a builder.

“I grew up in such a different world to how it is now and so much has changed,” she said.

“I have mixed feelings about turning 100.

“At times I feel a little sad because as I get older, I know that one day I won’t be able to see my Queensland family and feel their love, but it’s been a good life.”

As for the “secret” to reaching a century, Hilary said her mum gave her three children “very good food” as well as a lot of attention when they were little.

“I think that gave me a very good start in life,” Hilary said.

“We played outside and lived a simple, happy life.

“My father taught me to ‘own my own life’ and make my own decisions.

“When I can’t work out what to do with a problem, I don’t rush in, but think about it for a few days.

“My faith has kept me safe and given me solid thinking to live by.”

Hilary’s daughter Marilyn is married and lives in Maleny. Hilary’s grandson William is married to Kelsey and has two children: Byron and Elowen (Hilary’s great grandchildren). They live just around the corner from her in Woodford.

Hilary also has other family members who reside interstate.


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