20 January, 2024

Year in review for museum

We have such a wonderful group of members who support the historical society and museum in many ways. This was evident as more than 500 people attended our first big event of the year: the All Small Schools Reunion.

The All Small Schools Reunion at the Woodford Historical Society and Museum.
The All Small Schools Reunion at the Woodford Historical Society and Museum.

Coinciding with the reunion, we celebrated the society’s 25th anniversary.

In August, we again hosted the Villeneuve-Neurum Reunion; 2023 was the 43rd reunion with past and new residents attending.

Sadly we lost John Harrison and Joane Morish, and later in the year we lost Glenys King and Geof Runge; past residents or school pupils of Villeneuve or Neurum.

For the second year we hosted the Eaton family reunion in October. The reunions and other events and purchases to enhance the museum would not be possible without funding.

We received $17,874 to fund seven projects; six from the City of Moreton Bay and one received from the Federal Government’s Community Grants. We appreciate the help.

All up, 3600 people visited the museum in 2023.

There were people from overseas, intrastate and on holidays, and there were passers-by and local residents.

We had 10 busloads of visitors, with some enjoying their morning tea in the art group’s workroom.

We spread the word of the historical society and museum at the Woodford Show, Woodford Library displays, expos, seminars, hosting visiting clubs at the Woodford Showgrounds and working with Moreton Bay Region Industry and Tourism (conducting events with them).

We participated in the Tastes of Moreton, City of Moreton Bay History Seminar, Terry Young MP Seniors Expo, and the Australian Jeep Jamboree.

To attract younger members, we have started the Yarrow Club for kids; Yarrow being the dog the Archers Brothers had with them on their arrival at Durundur.

Donations have been coming into the museum, from Manny Riddle’s trumpet and cornet to books, clothing, photos and a Winston Churchill telegram.

The museum would not exist without the donations.

We thank families for entrusting us with their family’s donations.

The year featured the start of an ANZAC Day tradition in the museum where we do a pull up banner or two of a local ANZAC; James Trim was the first to feature.

For 2024 we will do two or three banners for the Cobb family. We will add more each year.

The Woodford Country Markets have gone very well, with 2023 the fifth year we have organised them.

After starting with an average of 17 stalls a month, now we average 40+ stalls each month.

With the markets being our main source of income, we appreciate the participation of the stallholders and customers.

We even added our own stall, so members have the opportunity to sell their excess fruit and veggies, plants and do some baking as a fundraiser for WHS.

We received permission from the City of Moreton Bay to use the area in front of the hall to put the extra stalls.

We also enjoyed working alongside the Woodford Community Art Group on a few events.

Helen and Phil Eaton at the Eaton family reunion.
Helen and Phil Eaton at the Eaton family reunion.

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